May 19, 2013

Orlando Napier @ Feed the Funk Benefit, Oreana Winery ~ May 18, 2013

photo by p. dunkley
Get Funky

Santa Barbara is full of things to do. A Saturday night could have endless possibilities. So it seemed a benefit that promotes young adults getting more involved in local music and community causes, while enjoying great blues music and yummy local eats, was a winner!

The Young Adult Division (YAD) of the Jewish Federation created “Feed the Funk,” an outreach event to promote leadership amongst young professionals who also enjoy the local music scene. The foundation supports and provides social service programs to the Santa Barbara community. Tonight they provided a party.

Headlining the event was local R&B golden boy Orlando
photo by p.dunkley
Napier. Born in LA, but musically fashioned in Santa Barbara, Napier performed R&B stylings with his saxophonist father and band. Seated at the keyboards and hiding behind sunglasses, Napier belted original blues from his heart. His music is a mix of classic blues with a touch of hip-hop. The music is danceable and lively, a perfect introduction to blues for those newbies in attendance.    

photo of Rob & Kate by p.dunkley 
The event was definitely a winner. The night was warm and clear, the food was local and delicious, the music was fresh and bluesy. And all this for a good cause. Makes it easy to give back while getting funky.

May 12, 2013

Phantom Pomps @ Seven Bar and Kitchen ~ May 11, 2013

photos by Sara Fiske

A Roaring Good Time

Seven Bar and Kitchen seems to be the hot spot lately. Locals from every scene pour into this tiny speak easy pub to have a good time in the funk zone.

To take advantage of Seven Bar’s look and feel, and the fact that The Great Gatsby opened in theaters this week, and because it was Chelsea Lancaster's birthday, Seven Bar threw a Prohibition Party with no holds bar. 

Part of the nifty lineup included local rockabillies, The Phantom Pomps. With Dakota Serge on stand up bass, lady Kelli Alexandra on drums, and legendary rock n roll singer Chris Story on the mic, they set the place hopping. Labeled as “rockabilly,” these guys really seemed more of a mini hardcore big band in this scene. Fast jams, quirky lyrics, and tons of personality, it’s hard not to get caught in the crowd of dancers.

The music, the ambiance, the costumes, and the hooch really created the feel I imagine a legitimate speak easy would have. It was a rip roaring good time. 

May 1, 2013

The DTease ~ April 27, 2013 @ SOhO

I Got Mine and You Can Have Some

A public service announcements comes on, sirens wail, smoke fills the air  – now you know The DTease have arrived. 

The DTease are a local Santa Barbara glam rock band created a year and a half ago, a fully formed vision of lead singer Wilson Gil’s frenzied mind. Banned from SOhO after their first show (about a year and a half ago) due to their complete demolition of everything, they made their return with what Wil calls a “now controlled demolition.” A benefit of trial and error.

The show itself consists of strobe lights, smoke, barely clad dancers, confetti guns, pillow fights, crowd surfing, glow sticks, shinny suits, shoe drinking, literary quotes – oh, and of course, rock and roll.

The DTease immediately assault your senses with hard hitting rock and intelligent lyrics. Wil strives to gets his point across through his performance drawing on inspirations like Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, urging the crowd to take his lead as permission to let go of inhibitions. The songs are political, sexual, and humorous.  Hopefully the audience grasp that this is performance art at its finest, there is a point to the madness.

The set takes you from a public service announcement (“Insurgent”), through corporate corruption (“Wall Street Prostitute”), to some down and dirty rock (“I Got Mine”), and ends in “an ejaculation of feathers” (“Dirty Mattress”). And just when you thought it was over and you were satisfied, they erupt in one last blast (“Come Again”).  Wil claims “it’s like really good sex – sloppy but worth the clean up.”

According to Wil, “it is hard to go to a DTease show and not have a good time.”  And he’s not wrong. ‘Cause I got mine… and you can have some.

Upcoming DTease Shows - June 6th at Velvet Jones.