October 16, 2011

Frank Turner @ The EL Rey ~ October 15, 2011

Saving Souls

Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air to give your soul life again. Frank Turner supplied that breath last Thursday.

Friends, family, and countrymen (Frank is English, it’s a term he uses) gathered to revel in the high voltage folk punk rock that Frank Turner and his band belted out to a packed LA crowd.

There was a tangible bond emanating from the roomful of fans singing their hearts out along with the talented singer songwriter. Twisting some new songs in with some classics, Franks played through a twenty-three song set list with fever. Frank kept a lively paced, as did the talented band, as did the adoring fans.

Frank encored with “The Ballad of Me & My Friends,” a fan favorite and true bar ballad.  Then followed with the upbeat “Photosynthesis” aptly leaving the crowd yelling  “I won't sit down, And I won't shut up, And most of all I will not grow up”.
I think it’s safe to say, Frank saved a few souls that night.


October 11, 2011

Voodoo Glow Skulls @ SOhO ~ September 7, 2011

Old School Ska in the House

Santa Barbara is not necessarily known for its punk rock or ska music scene, so it was refreshing to see a showcase hosting both. Especially when one was from my high school alma mater - Norte Vista (Riverside, CA) .

After locals La Vasa and Silent Meow killed it with the punk, VGS took to the stage close to midnight to kick in the ska. The band, made up of three Casillas brothers (all attended NOVI), a drummer, and 2 horn players, attacked the small crowd while the singer wore a wrestling mask. Very IE.

Fast, loud, aggressive, with the occasional dub break, the band played non stop til near 2 am. The crowd had a decent pit going while the music had the bystanders jumping and everyone's ears ringing (I forgot my ear plugs). 

I was really bummed there wasn't a bigger crowd there to enjoy the madness.

October 3, 2011

Bright Eyes @ The Santa Barbara Bowl ~ September 25, 2011

photo by Lady E Photography

This is what I experienced -  click the link & listen. 


Sean Hayes @ SOhO ~ September 23, 2011

Let’s Fall In

The crowd at SOhO soaked up the southern styling of singer-songwriter Sean Hayes with opened arms and closed eyes.

As a first time listener, I found it easy to fall under Sean’s spell while he wove tales of love, loss, and life exploration. With a twangy, raspy voice and southern styled rock accompaniment, Sean Hayes’ story portraits (aka “songs”) are gripping, full of pain, joy, and wonderment.

The stark honesty and relatability of the lyrics backed by grooving guitar rhythms pulled you in and held you closed.  The crowd was engrossed with each song on the twenty song set that flowed effortlessly from the three man band.  It felt more like a two hour story session than a musical set.

It doesn’t happen often, but it is nice to fall in at first listen.

The falling
That is ours to enjoy
The opening
That is ours to explore