Girls Rock SB! Benefit @ The Marjorie Luke ~ February 23, 2013

Always Leave On a High Note

Girls Rock SB! is a local organization that aims to empower young girls through music. To raise money for scholarships and instruments for their summer and after school all-girls music program, the organization hosted a night of music and dance.

MC’d by KLITE’s Catherine Remak, the night was split into two short acts. Each act was made up of five short sets, very accommodating of the young audience and their attention spans.

The first performance of act one was a 3-piece band made up of well-known local artists. The cherry on top though was the aerial performance on silk.  The young aerialist was top notched and performed what seemed like death defying stunts.

The next three performances were made up of a black and white music video, an all male high school cover rock band with young female dancing ballerinas, and an all male 2-piece acoustic set. The performances were all entertaining, but I would have liked to have seen at least one all-girl rock band in the bunch to better celebrate the cause.

The last performance of act one was quite amazing. Khasy Modisette, of The Kinds, played solo acoustic guitar along side of two aerial artists on rings. It was a beautiful dance of ballads and body movement. Both the song and the aerial dance were mesmerizing, one definitely adding to the other.

After a much needed cupcake break (donation for a good cause), act two began. Act two was stellar. In fact, I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite between the first and the last performance. But I always have to choose a favorite.

A little Jamey Getson, all of 14 years old, performed a solo acoustic song accompanied by two very young, and very strong, aerialists on silk to start off act two. A male and female duo, the two aerialists used each other’s bodies as much as they used the silk to lift and swing about. The contrast of the sweet, folksy song and the very daring aerial art was breathtaking. Literally. I thought I was going to faint I was so nervous for them all!

This performance was followed by a contemporary all female professional dance routine, and a double set by Jennifer Terran. Terran played “Hallelujah” on piano while an aerialist danced on a rope, Terran’s voice portraying just a bit of vulnerability, while the dancer showed incredible strength.

Last, but not least, was the headliner Meg Myers. Tennessee born, Myers voice and music is tinged with a southern darkness that gave me chills. A bit shy and only accompanied by a cellist, her dark sadness came across fiercely, reminiscent of a young PJ Harvey. Myers only played four songs, all passionate and full of emotion. Her voice was so strong and her ability was so tangible, it was obvious that she is a rising star.

It was great for the Girls Rock SB! benefit to end on an inspiring note for all girls looking to make music their life’s passion.

Photos by Paul Dunkley.