December 21, 2012

Scientific Observation - The Shift 2012 (Continued)

"I choose to live and to
Grow, take and give and to
Move, learn and love and to
Cry, kill and die and to
Be paranoid and to
Lie, hate and fear and to
Do what it takes to move through."
- TOOL, 46 & 2


If there is a shift, then it is the individual’s choice to shift from negative to positive experiences. 


There is really no true experiment to implement in an observational study such as this, but for consistency purpose I included this section.

Based on my research it is up to the individual to be receptive to the “spiritual guides whispering in our ears” and bring “love and light to places in ourselves that are dark and hidden” to make space for spiritual evolution. One must first recognize that one has dark qualities, then accept them with love, and finally be wiling to let them go to allow room for positive qualities.

Identifying the bad:
Dark, hidden places may include long held fears, resentments, and attachments that seem to now be a part of one’s genetic makeup. Some of us have started to identify ourselves with these traits: “I am afraid of commitment,” “I am an angry person,” “I am broken,” “I am only happy when I have XYZ.” These negative thoughts keep us from our true selves.

Accept the bad:
There is always a little yin in the yang. It is not bad to have these negative thoughts. They are what they are. Accept it without guilt or degradation. 

Let the bad go:
Ugh! What does this mean…? Negative thoughts are not reality, they are actually figments of our imagination. Really. Thoughts, beliefs, habits are not tangible; they only exist in our mind. And luckily these negative beliefs act as a roadmap to “show us where we need work to empower ourselves.” Set your intention to do better, and do better.


“The shift” is a shift in our thinking, a move away from suffering caused by negative thoughts we continue to cling to, to a higher state of consciousness where these negative thoughts are eliminated. It is one’s choice to do the work necessary to bring about the shift.

December 5, 2012

Scientific Observation – The Shift 2012

I've been crawling on my belly
Clearing out what could've been.
I've been wallowing in my own chaotic
And insecure delusions.

I wanna feel the change consume me,

Feel the outside turning in.
I wanna feel the metamorphosis and
Cleansing I've endured within
- TOOL, 46 & 2

Everyone is talking about it in one form or another – the shift. Either the world is supposed to end before 2013 or there is to be a huge spiritual shift whereas people become more in tuned to their higher, spiritually connect self.


Is there a "Shift" happening?  

I have recently found a need for a deeper connection. Normally, this would mean to me “a connection to a potential love partner.” But this time it means something else. For the fear of sounded kooky, lately I have been working hard (and it is hard work) on really connecting to my authentic self, therefore bringing me closer to my higher self, if you will.  Ok, I ended up sounding kooky.

But there was this sudden drive. So I decided to go all scientific on the subject and gather as much data on the phenomenon as possible. I have spent the last couple of weeks immersing myself in all types of “spiritually enriching” experiences and have made my self attuned to signs and indications of possible phenomena.


It started around the large full moon in October (October 29th). For some reason many of my interactions, arguments, and general feelings of agitations centered around the word “connection.” Simple. One word. But it showed up in so many situations that I had to take notice.

The next word that started appearing was “authentic.” It flickered here and there, and really hone in during Chuck D’s appearance at the New Noise Festival (November 9th).  “You gotta be true to yourself. You gotta be authentic to receive true appreciation for your art.”  There was that word again, slapping me in the face.

The third word that showed up was “gratitude.” It began with a Facebook event, A Month of Being Thankful. Then I got an email blast to join in a gratitude project (November 16). All this during the month of Thanksgivng. Yeah, it was even there!

I finally realized that these might be signs, so I took action. I enrolled, enlisted, and showed up at any new age event I could find in the month of November. I sat with a resonance healer, yoga’d with a women’s group, meditated with a monk, participated in a gratitude project, engaged in a chakra cleanse, sought the advice of a psychic, and went to an evening of spirit channeling. I read daily affirmations, went to sleep lulled by a hypnosis app (for various ailments), followed steps to practice positive psychology, and kept a gratitude journal.  All this I did solo. This way I was free to be in the moment and get in touch with my authentic self – without feeling kooky.

  • There was a full moon October 29th – “A Full Moon is the time to get connected. Information from our guides is heightened during this time so tune in to the subtle messages and promptings.” (
  • There was a powerful new super moon eclipse November 13th – This is a time of “connecting at a deeper level to our authentic selves.”  Before and after are times of uncertainty, followed by deep clarity. (
  • The month ended with full moon after a lunar eclipse in Gemini November 28th – A full moon is a time to manifest new beginnings; a time to “bring light and love to places in ourselves that are dark and hidden, release old wounds, and as an empowered self, move into your destiny. (

Psychic on the New Super Moon Eclipse (13Nov12) 
There is a shift. Now we begin moving towards destiny at a deeper fulfillment, a conscious upgrade.
- Let go of any beliefs, behaviors, and old habits that are preventing you from evolving.
- Embrace our darkness, so that we can be empowered on a conscious level.
- Fear shows us where we need work to empower ourselves, it is a choice.
- Heal old traumas, make space to connect more fully to your authentic self.
- Be mindful of your motivations.
- Set powerful intentions 

Monk on Being Happy (14Nov12) 
Allow yourself to accept and embrace positive thoughts. When there is suffering, it is the result of karma. Karma from this life or a previous life. But karma can be purified on four fronts: regret, doubt, faith, and unfulfilled commitment. Then you can move on with your life without the karmic suffering. 
- Keep a calm mind 
- Keep a clear mind
- Keep a positive mind

Gratitude Project (16Nov12) 
Be grateful for people, places, and things that once served a purpose in your life but no longer do.
- Savor pleasurable moments
- Say thank you to the people in your life often
- Be grateful for all that your body does for you
- Embrace receiving positive feedback
- Let go of things with grace to make space for new things & let someone else love what you have released
- Let go of playing the victim

Channeling Session (25Nov12) 
You are the Devine 
Man came to earth to experience joy. Suffering comes from not remembering you come from the Source. A schism formed in mankind’s consciousness, separating one man from another and from the Source. This was not the intention
There is a great “intervention” happening, where pure Source (“spirits”) are on this plane to help awaken the remembrance in mankind. This is what you may call a shift. 
- There is destiny: what your soul intended to do (intention)
- There is fate: spirit guides that provide assistance to you on your destiny
- There is choice: one’s free will to choose one’s own path

~ To Be Continued ~