Three lovely ladies from Santa Barbara come together to host a benefit for Direct Relief International while watching the Oscars. It was their first time planning event together and the had only 3 weeks to prepare... Why did they do it?


I was the last to join "The Committee." Val (Spike) had hosted a similar event for a different non-profit the previous year, Katheryn (Kat) had just begun her own company promoting positive change, and I (just "Schlax" - not that creative) had experience working with and planning events for a variety of local non-profits. I have been on the planning committee for the Santa Barbara chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, helping with the annual Black and Blue Ball, the Winter Wine Down and local telethon "Lock-Up." I have also worked with the Santa Barbara Film Festival, New Noise Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Concert Goers, and local radio stations creating events that appeal to Santa Barbara locals. When the two approached me about helping them create a fundraising event around a celebrated event to benefit those affected by a tragic event, I jumped right on it. With less than 3 weeks to put together the "OSCARS NIGHT RED CARPET VIEWING PARTY TO BENEFIT DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL’S HAITI RELIEF EFFORTS" , we wasted no time booking a venue, securing sponsorships and procuring donations - which wasn't easy with us all having regular 9-5 jobs. We were very pleased with the generosity and support we have received from everyone we have contacted to be a part of this monumental event.

Almost 2 months will have passed since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and as interest shifts to more currents events, it is important that we continue to remember the needs of the people of Haiti.