Phantom Pomps @ Seven Bar and Kitchen ~ May 11, 2013

photos by Sara Fiske

A Roaring Good Time

Seven Bar and Kitchen seems to be the hot spot lately. Locals from every scene pour into this tiny speak easy pub to have a good time in the funk zone.

To take advantage of Seven Bar’s look and feel, and the fact that The Great Gatsby opened in theaters this week, and because it was Chelsea Lancaster's birthday, Seven Bar threw a Prohibition Party with no holds bar. 

Part of the nifty lineup included local rockabillies, The Phantom Pomps. With Dakota Serge on stand up bass, lady Kelli Alexandra on drums, and legendary rock n roll singer Chris Story on the mic, they set the place hopping. Labeled as “rockabilly,” these guys really seemed more of a mini hardcore big band in this scene. Fast jams, quirky lyrics, and tons of personality, it’s hard not to get caught in the crowd of dancers.

The music, the ambiance, the costumes, and the hooch really created the feel I imagine a legitimate speak easy would have. It was a rip roaring good time.