Mr. Little Jeans ~ December 8, 2016 @ SOhO

Conscious Dancing

When Millennials don’t have their phones out snapping selfies during a show, you know you are in a hot spot. Touted as “the show” by one of SOhO’s very own bartenders, it appeared I was indeed at the spot, as the crowd was actually conscious in the moment.  

Mr. Little Jeans, known as Monika Birkenes on her driver’s license, graced the SOhO stage with her presence to a captive, crowded audience. The Norwegian born songstress’s smoky voice enveloped the room and beats filled every corner, leaving everyone swaying in the aftermath. The young crowd seemed mesmerized in her presence, as she danced on stage accompanied only by drums and keyboards. It was all vocals, tribal beats, and conscious dance moves from MLJ.

Mr. Little Jeans’ performance was a unique mixture of elegance, poise, and poignant relatability. Definitely classifiable as an electric pop “diva” in training, she had a dedicated following as the crowd moved along knowingly to “Waking Up,” “Good Mistakes,” “Stitches,” and “Haunted.”  Catchy tunes, slightly different yet slightly the same.

There is a lot of counter culture shrouding MLJ, including the conception of her stage name – but that is google material. MLJ’s performance was as whimsical as her delicate electronic music, which kept the crowd dancing – and that’s conscious material.