Tyrone Wells ~ November 17, 2016 @ SOhO

Comfort Food of Music

You know when you go to a restaurant that’s been hyped up and you get a meal that’s decent, but doesn’t quite excite the taste buds – well that’s what I got with Tyrone Wells.

Tyrone Wells is a singer/songwriter of typical form. Catchy tender songs, heavily relying on lyrics and relatability. His songs have been played on TV shows during the dramatic ending as the lead comes to some sort of life-changing conclusion and a single tear falls down their face.

Wells visited SOhO on his Cover to Cover tour, which Wells pleasantly explained as him playing songs off all his albums, but his first – which he’s heard too many times, as well as some covers off his newest album, amply named “Covers.” He played to a seated crowd full of his fans. It’s not often SOhO has seats, so it was a sign of the mellow evening to come.

While accompanied by his talented band, the songs were bouncy and upbeat. When playing solo acoustic, the songs were more melancholy and heartfelt. The set had a feel and tone of a Christian Rock band, and after some research, it was discovered that’s how Wells got his start. His fans definitely were dedicated to him, singing the chorus and rejoicing in its pleasantness.

Tyrone Wells seemed like a nice guy with a decent voice and catchy songs. It was very pleasant, but just didn’t set my world on fire. fine. Sometimes you just need comfort food, and that’s just fine.