New Noise Conference & Festival – Thursday, October 16th

Keeping It Local

When looking over the New Noise Conference & Festival schedule to plan my nights of music, one showcase in particular stood out – Thursday night at Muddy Waters. Thursday night consisted of all local bands, with three of the four being from Carpinteria, performing at one of my favorite widely unknown local music venues  sounded like a great hometown party to me. 

Competing against some pretty well known, bigger draw indie
showcases, I was expecting Muddy Waters to be pretty mild. It was not. Apparently I was not the only one who wanted to see the local boys. “I decided to keep it local,” attested to Kaisa TerHar, another New Noise attendee, “I always wanted to see Afishnsea the Moon and Pacific Haze, and have never seen music at Muddy Waters, so this was my chance to get it all in. Plus it was only $8.” And that is what the festival is all about – bringing affordable new music to Santa Barbarians. 

In the true nature of the festival, I caught up to the boys in Afishnsea the Moon to see what bands they were looking forward to seeing at the festival. Interesting enough, they were all local bands. “I don’t know many of the bands playing,” confessed Lauren Luther Campbell, lead guitar, “but The Upbeat I grew up listening to, and I love ‘em!” Christopher Riley, bass, and Adam Camardella, drums, are also looking forward to seeing The Upbeat and Cornerstone (Friday), as well as Souvenirs (Wednesday) and Mexico City Blenders (Saturday). Local bands supporting local bands. 

The night went on, the venue was packed, the music was loud, and the bands were phenomenal. Bill, the owner of Muddy Waters, was blown away by the night’s performances, especially Afishnsea the Moon, exclaiming on Instagram, “Holy dick fart! The Sprout kids have been telling me about this lot for ages but it’s the first time we have had em - wow.” He was sure to secure more gigs with the boys soon after the performance. It was a New Noise Festival miracle! 

It's a true statement: New Noise Conference and Festival… bringing new music to Santa Barbara and keeping it local.

Next up

Friday Night: Locals The Blues & Greys (9:15) @ Blind Tiger; LA artist Nick Waterhouse (10:30)@ Velvet Jones 

Saturday Night: LA’s Dark Waves (8:30) and Joyce Manor (10:45) @ Velvet Jones