Maynard James Keenan's 50th Birthday with Failure, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle @ The Greek ~ May 11, 2014

A Perfect Circle via boob-cam

Here's to Fifty More 

On stage May 10th & 11th at The Greek, located in old Hollywood, was the most amazing musician of our time: Maynard James Keenan. We were all there to celebrate his fiftieth birthday* – 5-0! He does not look, nor sound, like your typical 50 year old rock star. Looking extremely fit, with a voice of a fallen angel, Maynard transcends time and age.

All the words in the world cannot express the pleasure I felt once I understood how the show was arranged. There were three bands – three great bands. Failure, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle. But they weren’t going to play one band, one set at a time. This became apparent as Failure’s drummer rotated out of site behind a screen, the band walking off to the side of the stage, and A Perfect Circle began to play after just three songs.

Of course I was scared at first. What just happened?! Is Failure only playing three songs?! Was I late? I swear it just started. What the…??!  It’s still light out! Does this mean Puscifer is headlining, not APC?! Confused I scrambled to gather my thoughts. But after three songs, APC’s drummer rotated off stage and Puscifer began to play….

Puscifer via boob-cam

They’re rotating! And playing together! It’s a mash-up people! 

The stage was set with a circular platform in the center which served to rotate drum kits on / off stage, a screen falling neatly in place behind the new drummer projecting the performing band’s graphics. To the left was a small silver stream trailer, known to be a permanent fixture of Puscifer’s stage set. In front of that sat a picnic table with chairs skewed about.  As each band rotated through a couple of songs, the players not playing sat around the picnic table sharing wine. It was a party. Occasionally one player would join in on another’s set, as if unexpected. The feeling was relaxed and full of affection.

Failure via boob-cam
Danny Carey of TOOL came out and played with Puscifer, and then tore down the house performing “Three Little Pigs” with surprise guest Green Jelly**. The place went wild!  Maynard walked out on stage after and quipped “what the hell just happened!”  It felt like we were all in on an inside joke.  

It appeared Maynard was thoroughly enjoying himself, raising his wine glass to the audience and embracing fellow artists on stage.  His son even performed a cello solo in his honor. It was an electric and emotional experience – one that won’t likely happen for another 50 years.  

*Maynard's actual birthday is April 17th. 
**After research, I found out the Danny, Maynard, and Bill Manspeaker, Green Jelly’s lead vocalist, were all roommates at one time – the 90’s ruled.
***Unfortunately they had a no tolerance rule for pictures, so all shots were via a hidden boob-iphone-cam (until I become a legitimate writer).