of Montreal ~ January 24, 2014 @ The Hub

Oh, The Things You Learn

photo by P.Dunkley 

To be honest, it has been quite some time since I spent any time on the UC Santa Barbara campus – and even then, I was in grad school so I didn’t have time to hang out much less catch a show at The Hub. Going back 10 years later to review a show was quite a shock to the old system – in a good way.

The Hub essentially is the food court located in the middle of
Jena Pruitt, UCSB ASPB
the UCSB University Center. Most events at The Hub are sponsored by the UCSB Associated Student Program Board. Basically, college students that volunteer to take on huge responsibilities to gain experience in the field of music, event planning, and what not. This was my first time working an event with the UCSB ASPB, Jena Pruitt the publicity coordinator in particular, and my experience was stellar! It might be one of the best events operations in town – who knew?

of Montreal is the band that brought me out to UCSB. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, of Montreal is a six-piece funky, psychedelic pop band that have been on the scene close to 20 years. Their sound fuses electronica with a bit of the Beatles, heavy on the funk. of Montreal’s performances are usually quite visual to support the psychedelic feel of their music. It’s basically a time warp.  

Tonight they laid on the funk. And so did the crowd. Luckily,
photo by Paul Dunkley
The Hub is situated so that if you get a seat at the rail bar in the beer garden (aka, seating area in food court), you are elevated above with the crowd with an unobstructed view of the band. That is, if you choose to sit out the trippy dance fest and observe the scene. And the scene was worth observing as the funk played on.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that The Hub is a great venue for a show, the shows are executed professionally by the ASPB, and the UCSB student body really knows how to get down. I’m definitely coming back (to The Hub, not to school)!