Matt Armor @ Muddy Waters ~ September 21, 2013

Bringing Country Back 

I’m not ashamed to say that I am a fan of country. But of the new roots rock alternative country that has made its way to the mainstream again. Think Hank Williams III and Ryan Bingham - the type of country that derives its soul from blues, honky-tonk, and a bit of cow punk.  

Luckily, Santa Barbara is home to one Matt Armor (of Blazing Haley) whose new solo venture is pure roots rock alternative country. Matt Armor recently played a set at Muddy Waters with a handful of friends just in time to promote his new kickstarter campaign for his upcoming 12 song album. With his strong twangy voice and incredible vocal range, Armor’s new collection of songs vary from upbeat honky-tonk dance tunes to low sung country ballads.

The set was dark, loud, and intimate when Armor premiered his new work and new band. As the songs unfolded, it was easy to get lost in the pure country of it all. The ballads were heartfelt and delivered with intensity, while the more upbeat songs got the crowd dancing (but not 2-stepping).

According to Armor, this is the record he’s always wanted to do, an Americana/Blues/Honky Tonk/Rockabilly album with some traditional and some not so traditional songs. The band is still getting used to playing with each other, but the crowd was very receptive, Armor asserts “You pour out your heart, and hope they like it!” And like it they did.

It was a good ol’ time that’s bound to bring country back.  

For more information on Matt Armor’s kickstarter, go to