Rebecca Kleinmenn & Dusty Brough @ SOhO ~ April 7, 2013

photo by p.dunkley

Simply Elegant

I have longed for a classy joint to have dinner or a drink while watching live music. Sitting quietly and enjoying the scene. And it’s been here in SB the whole time - hidden inside SOhO. I just had to find the right music. 

I ventured out of my norm in an effort to cover a larger variety of music for this blog (otherwise it all would be reviews of punk rock shows). I have heard great things from Santa Barbara locals about Rebecca Kleinmann, so thought this the perfect opportunity to catch a show and review something different.

photo by p.dunkley
Rebecca is a well known flutist, incorporating eclectic world music into the experience. Her new album, Raio de Sol, is a saucy upbeat fusion of jazz and Brazilian flare. Backed by Dusty Brough (guitar), Miles Jay (bass), and Julien Cantelm (drums), together  they created a soft worldly sound that was sophisticated and evolved. Dusty’s flamenco fused jazz guitar accompanied the flute notes in a tango of sound, turning SOhO into a classy sit-down nightclub.

It was so nice to just sit and absorb the quiet sophistication of music. It was simply elegant.