Spencer The Gardener @ Amigos, Ventura ~ March 16, 2013

photo by Laura Lynch

Keep the Party Dancing

Sure, Ventura isn’t technically Santa Barbara, what with the whole 25 miles that seperates our cities (too far for a Santa Barbarian). But Spencer the Gardener is Santa Barbara grown, so it counts!

I ventured down to Ventura as I often do when Spencer The Gardener plays there to “get out of town.” Plus, they are pretty much my favorite party band, and I just couldn’t bare to go out on St. Patty’s day this year, what with it being a Sunday and all. So I had to get my party band on a day early.

And they delivered.

Amigos is a little cantina on Main Street. Good food, cheap drinks. They also have ample area for a band to play and people to dance. This is required at a STG show! With dueling brass, funky guitars, and a mariachi meets polka sound, your body just starts moving in all sorts of ways. Part salsa, part interpretive dance. Literally, my friend had an interpretive dance for most songs. Which is easy to have for Spencer’s fun, animated lyrics.

The set was a nice montage of new and old, playing songs off their new album Breaking My Own Heart. The new album is a bit somber with songs like “There She Goes” and “Bye Baby,” but still has their trademark danceable tunes, with heavy horns and grooving guitars. Perhaps an evolution of the band?

All in all, STG always keeps the party dancing!