Dennis Quaid & The Sharks @ SOhO ~ March 23, 2013

photo by p.dunkley

Great Balls of Fire!

Ok, that was too easy. But since I am covering a cover band, albeit a high profile cover band, I believe it to be apropos.

Dennis Quaid, the star of such films as The Right Stuff, The Big Easy, Innerspace, and yes, Great Balls of Fire! graced the stage of SB’s very own SOhO. Backed by his all-star rock band, The Sharks, Quaid promised a night of good ol’ rock ‘n roll.

photo by p.dunkley
And that’s what SB got. The band was tight, the music bluesy and guitar heavy, and the frontman very theatrical. The songs were classics from the hay day of rock, covering The Doors, Van Morrison, and, of course, Jerry Lee Lewis. And of course Quaid made all the right faces in all the right places – would you expect less from a movie star?
Although I was promised celebrities and I saw none, there was a great crowd in attendance. Truthfully, I have never seen such an excited yet well-behaved crowd as was at SOhO for this show. And the band fed off the energy creating a show that was loud and fun.

Yup, there sure was a whole lotta shakin’ go on. (Sorry, couldn’t be helped.)