Hot Water Music @ The Echo, LA ~ February 5, 2013

photo by p.viani

"We are here and time is relevant to mainline every worthy moment." Mainline, HWM

Good rock and roll is essential for my well being. And good punk rock is just essential. Luckily, Hot Water Music is both.

I hate to admit it, but this was my first time seeing HWM live. Truthfully, I don't even own one of their albums (I blame a particular good music friend of mine for not supplying me with one). That said, I have seen Chuck Ragan perform solo a number of times. But it's not the same.

HWM came out hot (pun intended) and heavy, each song as intense as the last. Vocals alternated between Chuck and Chris, and I was instructed to pick a favorite between the two. I didn't have one. Both singers were soulful and powerful, and sounded as if they smoked a pack a day. The music was heavy, fueled by fast drum beats and chunky guitar. Classic post hardcore punk.

HWM is currently touring on their eighth studio album, Exister; their 7th album came out in 2004. I was very lucky to catch them on tour this time around, who knows if there will be a next time. A very worthy moment.

Flight & A Crash
State Of Grace
Trusty Chords
Jack Of All Trades
Paid In Full
Our Own Way
Drag My Body
One Step To Slip
True Believer (Bouncing Souls Cover)