SeaWolf @ SOhO ~ January 17, 2013

photo by P. Dunkley

There's a Wolf in the House, and the Sheep are Loud

I can't believe it's already seventeen days into the new year and I am just now going to my first show of 2013... I am lagging on the music front. 

Lagging or not, this was a great show to be the first. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the group, Sea Wolf is an indie folk rock band noted for their romantic tone. Led by Alex Brown Church, with a revolving ensemble, Sea Wolf produces a rhythmic easy sound that resembles rain against a window with the beat of a fire in the background; very flowing and easy to move to, and calls to a tender lost moment. (Yeah, I said that)

Touring on their third (and perhaps best) album, Sea Wolf packed the house. And the house was packed with unfamiliar faces. And these faces were not only unfamiliar, but also quite young... and chatty. Which is a common issue at some of these more popular indie shows. It's a scene.

Grooving in the back, I managed to block out most of the chatter and surrender to the music. For me the highlights were songs off Sea Wolf's first LP Leaves in the River, but I am quickly coming to love this third album, Old World Romance, with gems like "Priscilla" and "Dear Fellow Traveler."   

Despite the distractions, I allowed the music to flow over me and got swept away in the romantic, unique sound that is Sea Wolf. It was the perfect beginning to the new year of music shows.   

Click link to hear Priscilla