New Noise Music Festival ~ Saturday, November 10, 2012

Making It Rad

Last day of the New Noise Music Festival, and it went off with a bang.

There was the block party. Closing off part of the funk zone to build a stage, beer garden, and food court, New Noise managed to pack an outside house.  The crowd was large and mellow, the bands were rocking. But for me the real treat was at Muddy Waters.

Punk rock icon Gregg Attonito, front man for the Bouncing Souls, played punk rock jams for kids to a packed cafe. But it was packed with kids and kids stuff. It was very cool to see tatted dads and their kids dancing along to toddler jams. Muddy even had craft stations to keep the unruly crowd occupied. Stellar.

Then in to the night I went. I choose to stay at just one venue for the night. But it was, in my opinion, the most rockiness venue. Sure SOhO had Latin hip-hop sensation, Ozomatli, but the showcase at Velvet touted Old Man Markley and Nerf Herder. Come on.

Old Man Markley have matured into quite the performance band. The seven piece tore up the stage with their punk bluegrass, complete with washboards, harpsichord and stand up bass. The large band effectively maneuvered on stage, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy.

Nerf Herder then quickly took to the stage. The nerd rockers played all their hits with the intensity of men coming home. With fast guitar riffs and a whinny voice, Perry got the crowd moving. I really don’t know who knew the lyrics better – him or the crowd. My favorite moment was when they played the Buffy The Vampire theme – twice.  Rocking.

This year’s New Noise Festival was on of the finest.  Can’t wait till next year!