A Little Help For My Friends.

Navigating through a three (actually 4) day music festival can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated. That’s why I am here to help… Follow me!

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

Wednesday is the official “New Noise Festival Kick-off Show” and it’s the easiest day to navigate – there’s only one venue!

Lindsey Stirling (Provo, Utah)
Dub-step Violinist
Deets: Wednesday, 10:00 pm @ SOhO
Don’t let the “dub-step” fool you. Lindsey is a classically trained violinist, integrating choreographed dance and electronic beats into her violin compositions. On the tail end of her first release, it’s the perfect time to see her while she’s hot.

THURSDAY, November 8, 2012

So this is when it gets tricky – when the festival actually begins to spread across four venues and you want to be at all four at once. It ain’t possible. So here’s one of my festival rules: only see one band you know, the rest should be new music.

Leftover Cuties (Los Angeles)
Ragtime Indie Rock
Deets: Thursday, 9:15 pm @ SOhO
Putting a modern day spin on the classic 20’s blues sound by combining brass, accordion, jazz drums, ukulele, and a big bluesy soulful voice, Leftover Cuties could easily play any good speak easy on the west coast.

Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds; Sacramento)
Acoustic Rock
Deets: Thursday, 10:15 pm @ Muddy Waters
This is my “one you know.” The punk icon mellows out and plays great home grown rock. And it’s freaking Kevin Seconds!

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band (Bean Blossom, IN)
American Country Blues
Deets: Thursday, 11:30 pm @ Whiskey Richards
Blues – I had to repeat it. Deep voice, washboards, electric guitar; this three piece band delivers deep rooted dirty southern blues. Bound to be a knee slapping good time.

FRIDAY, November 9, 2012

You’d think it would get easier as you move along – it doesn’t. And it only gets better. Friday is packed with the New Noise Digital Music Conference, a New Noise Festival happy hour, and an early all ages show BEFORE the night time music festivities. Pace yourself… Today’s festival rule: play with flavors.   

*Saul Williams (NYC)
Breakbeat Spoken Word Poetry
Deets: Friday, Early Show, 8:00 pm @ Velvet Jones
Poetry set to fast beats. Not to be confused with rap.  This is performance art trying to get you out of your proverbial box.

Matt Armor (Santa Barbara)
Alternative Country Roots Rock
(No website – I goggled him)
Deets: Friday, 8:45 pm @ SOhO
Ok, so I picked Armor because he is a Santa Barbara local and a very talented musician. This is his first show to promote his debut solo project. Any new music from this guy is bound to be good. SB represent!
This showcase includes Indian Trading Furs, Wil Ridge, and The White Buffalo –home grown alternative country rock flavor.

Sparrows Gate (SLO)
Alternative Folk
Deets: Friday, 10:15 pm @ Muddy Waters
The easy melodic harmonies and reflective lyrics are intertwined with poignant guitar rifts. Sparrows Gate is reminiscent of driving with your parents along the coast listening to classic rock. They’re grooving and introspective. 
This showcase includes Islay Street, The Kinds, and Howlin’ Woods –folk rock flavor.

Larry & His Flask (Central, OR)
Bluegrass Punk
Deets: Friday, 11:30 pm @ Velvet Jones
Along the lines of an unhurried version of Dropkick Murphy’s, Larry & His Flask offer up a horn-infused, old-timesy string-band, punk-ish bluegrass experience.  You’ll dance in the pit.
This showcase includes Mike Watt & The Missingmen –ultimate punk rock flavor.

SATURDAY, November 10, 2012

Today may be a bit more hectic – due to the New Noise Block Party. Yes, a whole block of party. Again pacing is important… But hell, you can sleep on Sunday, right?  Today’s festival rule: cluster.

*Play Date: Gregg Attonito (Bouncing Souls) & Shanti Wintergate
Deets: 3:30 pm @ Muddy Waters
Ok, I love Bouncing Souls, and I might be slightly obsessed with Greg Attonito. But throw in the fact that this is a kid friendly punk rock show – and I have hearts in my eyes. While you’re down there, cluster this with the New Noise block party.

Buster Blue
Western Swing
Deets: Saturday, 10:15 pm @ Muddy Waters
A bit of a country twist on classic swing, this band has a unique “alternative western swing” sound. Cluster this with SB local’s Naked Walrus playing Muddy Waters at 9:15 pm, and you have a good 2 hours of folksy fun.

Nerf Herder (Goleta)
Pop Punk
Deets: Saturday, 12 am @ Velvet Jones
Locals gone big (they did the theme song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer) coming out to show SB how we do. Sure to bring a hilarious good rocking time. Cluster this with Old Man Markley playing Velvet Jones at 11:15 pm, and you’ll be dancing the night away.