MusInk @ The OC Fairgronds ~ March 4, 2012

Street Ink 

MusInk is a punk rock girl’s dream – tattoo artists, tattooed hotties, and some of the best punk bands around (yes, they still do exist). It’s a three day long love affair.

But, unfortunately, this punk rock girl is now a career girl, so I only attended one day – the best day of the three! The day featuring Against Me! and Alkaline Trio. (insert very unpunk rock like puffy heart here).

Being that my younger brother was a body piercer up in Oakland in his previous life, that the two bands playing are his two favorite bands, and that I am the raddest older sister ever, I got him a ticket to the affair for his birthday (along with my crazy tattooed BF from Riverside, but that’s just cuz she neglected to pay me).

Not knowing what to expect, we just meander our way about blinded. This, I have come to realize, is the best way to experience an event – with little to no expectations. If I had had them though, they would have been exceeded.

There were two halls, one called “Ink”, the other “Music”.  We explored “Ink” first.  The rows and rows of artists compiled from across this lovely nation were fantastic. The rough and tatted gents were quite friendly, the women even more so. And of course my bro ran into old friends from O-town.  Holler!

But, ultimately, we were there for the punk rock show, so off to “Music” we went. And as far as punk rock goes today, you really can’t beat these two headliners.

Against Me! hail from Florida, look like a bunch of young bikers, and know how to freaking kill it, one song after another – it’s a nonstop assault of pure rock adrenaline. Alkaline Trio is a classic three piece punk band from Chicago, with complimentary vocals and lyric driven songs to which the audience sings back louder than the band. Both have their own unique style and are the best at what they do. It was quite the treat to see them together on one bill.  

The day was long but flew by. This is an event to experience if you want to get down to the nitty gritty of the street scene today. Go with low expectations – you won’t be disappointed. My only regret is that I didn't get a tat.