Matt Skiba Acoustic @ The Troubador ~ January 28, 2012

photo by p.vian
One Silver Bullet and One… Flexural

Matt Skiba took to the stage pretty f*ed up. He returned backstage twice for items he had forgotten, then immediately spilled his beer – twice.  But then he came clean – he had taken a pain pill for a sprain and was not ok. Party.

He then started the set with “My Friend Peter,” which was pretty rad because it was my friend Peter’s birthday celebration that night. Double party.

Since he did not want to return backstage for the third item he had forgotten – his set list, Skiba took suggestions from the crowd, making the audience raise their hand and get called on rather than shout at him. So hilarious.

This was by far my best acoustic experience. Not only was the crowd in to everything Skiba did on stage; Skiba was into everything the crowd was doing. At one point he stopped mid song and asked the crowd if all his songs sounded alike. Apparently he had started singing one song’s lyrics, and ended with another’s cuz the chords sounded so similar.  

To close the show, Skiba chose audience members to come on stage to play instruments and sing the hit “Radio” while he enjoyed the performance from the crowd. Epic.

It was so refreshing to be at a show where everyone in the room was truly part of the experience.  One for the books.