SBMA Nights: Chinese New Year ~ January 20, 1012

Year of the Water Dragon

The Chinese say that the Year of the Dragon brings prosperity. If the SBMA Nights party is any indication – they are correct.

This was by far one of my most favorite Nights experiences. Each room was filled with wonderment. Upon entering the museum you had your choice of three rooms: a red room leading to fortune, a dark room filled with enchantment, and a bright room encompassing enlightenment, and along the way you could enjoy wonderful art exhibits.

It was amazingly well organized and wonderfully surprising.

The RED ROOM had a station where one could make Zodiac Masks. I elected to journey past the crafts and into the back room. Here you entered The Department of Fortunes, where disgruntled desk jockeys circa 1960 typed out a “request for fortune” form (elaborating on your answers by the way…), which you took to an even further back room and inserted your form into a slot, then waited for your fortune to pop out in a tube through a hole in the wall. It was quite an unexpected experience. And I learned that I “can learn from others… “ Nice.

The DARK ROOM held enchantment in the form of Regret/Release/Past/Present Interactive Performances. First there was a dragon that came out and dance among the partygoers. Then, there was an artist that painted portraits as quickly as one would sign one’s name. Later, there was a lovely lady that danced in the light of the pale moonlight.  Even later, this room turned into a dance party. Delightful.

The BRIGHT ROOM held the “Way-to-the-Way”, where paper panels hung on the wall and on one side of the room you could try your hand at ink paintings, and on the other side of the room you could create poetry. Enlightening.

All in all, this was an amazing night filled with a variety of delights from Asia. Lovely. Just lovely!