Citizen Cope @ SOhO ~ January 12, 2012

Quiet Please!

Chatty. Damn chatty. Now I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say, perhaps you should say nothing at all. I wish the crowd at the SOhO Citizen Cope show had said nothing at all… or at least not during the show. So now I'm not too concerned with being nice. 

I am a huge fan of CC, I bought my tickets the second they went on sale – the second! I was very disappointed, albeit not surprised, that it did’t sell out till the week of the show. And those last minute purchasers were probably the ones who talked LOUDLY over the entire acoustic show, just there to make the scene rather than take in the music.

Struggling to play through a bout of bronchitis, CC asked the crowd to please not talk over the music. But they didn’t hear him for the loud buzz of useless chatter.

Needless to say I didn’t even hear one entire song. All that build up, all that excitement – burned because people thought they had more important things to say than the artist they  paid to see. I left in tears (seriously!).

God damn chatty crowds.