Bike Moves: Night of The Riding Dead ~ January 5, 2012

The Dead Will Ride
They are coming for your brrrrraaaaaaiins - and your bike chains. 

Never having done a Bike Moves, and having a big thing for anything "zombie," it only made sense that I would jump at the opportunity to ride with the dead. It’s a no brrraaaaiiiinner. (Sorry, had to)  

Bike Moves is a monthly event put on by the Wheel House where bike fanatics come out dressed in themed costumes and ride up & down State Street. The theme changes monthly, keeping the event fresh.

About 100 riders came out for the Night of The Riding Dead, about a third were dressed in costumes, yours truly included. It was quite a scene to see. The ride led to the wharf, where there was an organized "bike off." Bike on bike rumble baby. Who knew zombie biking was so vicious?
Something fun and different to do on first Thursday – definitely a lively event.