We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Music Box ~ November 10, 2011

photo by p.viani
Before It Becomes Uncomfortable

It’s all about the build up, and We Were Promised Jetpacks knows how to build up the tension. 

The young Scottish indie rock band stands apart from their peers in their ability to build beautiful crescendos, climax, crash, and build again all in one 5 minute song. They are not about the quick and dirty 3 minuter.  

Seeing the band live at The Music Box, allowed me to physically feel the build up and both hope for and dread relief. I got to see how singer Adam Thompson approached the microphone, as he predominantly stood four feet away and belted out lyrics in its general direction, creating a sorrowful wailing effect with a unique Scottish flavor.

Although not interacting directly with the crowd (which I didn’t mind), WWPJ drove the crowd into a frenzy throughout their hour long set, playing songs off both their albums.

The set ended without circumstances or encore. I guess it was just all about the build up.