Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings @ SOhO ~ November 19, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Soul

Sharon Jones is tiny. I mean like 4 foot nothing. For that much voice to come out of such a pint sized person is truly a marvel of nature. But it does, and in abundance.

Playing in a sold out, packed house, one had to fight to get just the tiniest glimpse of the Sharon Jones – I mean really fight, elbows and all. And where did all the damn tall people come from?! …Or one could surrender to the funky sounds, dance, and accept that you could only see the top of Sharon’s hair like a shark in the crowd. So surrender I did.

The band was amazing. The Dap Kings (and the Dappettes) came out first and warmed up the crowd. The soul funk styling’s of the Dap Kings is reminiscent of classic 1960’s R&B, part of the revivalist movement that brought about singers like Amy Winehouse. Classic and deep. As anticipation built, my friend excitedly exclaimed “I feel like Jay Leno is gonna come out!” Keeping it classy.

When the shark herself finally came out it was like a tidal wave hit. The crowd instantly got moving, and responded to Sharon’s every wail. The music was so uplifting, her voice was so majestic, that people danced till they were a heaping puddle of smiling sweat. And dance we did for the next 2 hours to the funky soul.

If you didn’t come in a fan of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, you definitely left one.  And left with a lil’ bit more soul because of it.