New Noise Music Festival 2011 Picks ~ Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011

There Can Be Only One! …Maybe 3.

You got to go deep with this Saturday’s New Noise Music Festival line up.There’s rock, hip-hop, and DJs. Doing a little research will help you make theright picks, luckily I’ve done your homework for you!

Here are my picks for Day 3:

Russ Rankin(of Good Riddance; Santa Cruz)
Punk Rock Icon, solo
Deets: Saturday,9:30pm @ Muddy Waters
Soundslike: Acoustic punk rock (lyrically driven songs with fast guitar)
CoolFactor: Legendary. Seeing a punk rock icon live & solo at a small venue inSanta Barbara. So close to greatness.

Deep DarkRobot (Linda Perry of 4 NonBlondes; New York
Deets:Saturday, 11pm @ Whiskey Richards
Sounds like:Early Hole with a good singer
CoolFactor: Real rock. Lead by rock veteran Linda Perry of L7, you get nothingby rock and roll baby. Sexy.

VokabKompany (San Diego)
Electric Hip-Hop Funk
Deets:Saturday, 11:30pm @ The Savoy
Soundslike: A lite version of Jurastic
CoolFactor: Funky Fresh. Like nothing else you’ve seen in SB. Two fast flowingMCs back by funky electric beats. Very danceable.

Don't forget about the New Noise Block Party 1-5:30pm Saturday with local bands and vendors. First ever! Right out from the Arlington. Get in the local music community.