Evil Dead: The Musical @ The Center Stage ~ October 31, 2011

Welcome to the Splatter Zone 

Evil Dead set to music. Does it really get any better than this? 

If you are into the horror genre you know that The Evil Dead is a classic. Teenage kids go to a deserted cabin in the woods to party is just inviting mayhem. Add in an ancient book of the dead, and walla, a cult classic.

But a musical? That was interesting. And fun. Especially while sitting in the splatter zone.

The cast was young and full of talent. The dialogue was witty and adhered close to (lightly) that of the movie. Of course, the songs were a new touch.

Ash, played by a young Adam Quinney, grew into character as the play flew along, hitting all the notable hit lines like “this is my boom stick!” The masks of the demons/zombies (I have an issue with this definition) were remarkable and the musical acts were laugh out loud funny.

And each of the gore scenes set streams of fake blood gushing into the audience – if you upgraded to the splatter zone seats (ponchos were available for purchase). And if you felt you didn’t get drenched enough in blood, the cast came round and doused you more, actually using a baster.

Playing to a packed house on Halloween, this musical was a bona fide hit.

Well worth the dry cleaning bill later.