Day 2 Review of New Noise Music Festival 2011

Free Flowin’

Sometimes you have to go with the flow – as long as the flow is going in the direction you want to go. And my flow was leading me to a ton of rad new music.

The night started as planned at SOhO to check out singer/song writer Ralph Torrefranco’s upbeat melodies. Then quickly flowed down State Street to the Whiskey/Velvet/Savoy sector.

I bounced around the tri-factor of clubs, until settling in (unbeknownst) to Savoy for the evening – the lines were building at the clubs and I did not want to miss the headliner at Savoy. Portland’s Wild Ones provided eclectic upbeat tunes, followed closely by SB’s The Mutineers’ bluegrass sound.  By now, Savoy was packed with music fans eager to explore new music.

Typhoon’s 12 members took to the stage and immediately filled the club with horns, strings, and percussions.  The intensity of emotion that protruded from the music was tangible through the crowd. The band was extremely talented and worth spending the majority of my night at one club waiting for them to take the stage.

On the return flow back up State Street, I was able to jump into Velvet to catch 2 songs by the Mad Caddies, then Whiskey to catch the end of Blazing Haley’s set.

I love going with the flow of New Noise!