Day 1 Review of New Noise 2011

Oh What a Night!

I started off at Muddy Waters, where the chai latte is delicious and the crowd is young and serious.  I was just able to down a chai and catch half of Kat Devlin’s heartfelt acoustic set before having to jet off to the next stop.

The Phantogram show at SOhO was packed to the brim with curious music seekers. And we were witness to a great electronic music and laser light show. Bass heavy trip hop beats filled the room, and although the vocals could have been louder, the band mesmerized the crowd into a trance dance that lasted a full hour.

Leaving that show a bit early to catch Deer Tick at Velvet, I was pleasantly surprised to find Velvet filled to capacity and a waiting line to get in - at midnight on a Thursday in Santa Barbara! Way to be SB! I knew I was in for a good time. Deer Tick came on loud and strong. The sound was perfect and their set was upbeat and heavy on the country tip. Perfect way to end the night.