Frank Turner @ The EL Rey ~ October 15, 2011

Saving Souls

Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air to give your soul life again. Frank Turner supplied that breath last Thursday.

Friends, family, and countrymen (Frank is English, it’s a term he uses) gathered to revel in the high voltage folk punk rock that Frank Turner and his band belted out to a packed LA crowd.

There was a tangible bond emanating from the roomful of fans singing their hearts out along with the talented singer songwriter. Twisting some new songs in with some classics, Franks played through a twenty-three song set list with fever. Frank kept a lively paced, as did the talented band, as did the adoring fans.

Frank encored with “The Ballad of Me & My Friends,” a fan favorite and true bar ballad.  Then followed with the upbeat “Photosynthesis” aptly leaving the crowd yelling  “I won't sit down, And I won't shut up, And most of all I will not grow up”.
I think it’s safe to say, Frank saved a few souls that night.