The Walkmen with Fleet Foxes @ SB Bowl ~ September 13, 2011

Vintage Rock and Roll

Well dressed, clean cut, and extremely talented – The Walkmen are a nice homage to classic rock n roll.

The five-piece DC based band unassumingly took to the stage and introduced Santa Barbara to their unique, yet retro sound. The band has been around since 2000 and have six studio albums to their credit, but are known to a relative few.  Their blend of vintage instruments, classic riffs, and vocal styling definitely make them stand apart from most indie rock bands.   

Heavy drums, prominent piano, plunky guitar, and melodic crooning ensued as they made their way through their new and older popular songs to lull the crowd. Think Elvis meets The Cure (like adding bacon to chocolate – sounds weird but it works!).  Crowd interest rose as they started into their older indie rock number “The Rat” which really showed off the band’s talent as drums, guitar, and vocals battle for center attention.  They followed with their new poppy surf rock tune “Angela Surf City” which further demonstrated the band’s musical range.

I was extremely impressed with the vocal range on Hamilton and the tempo kept by the entire ensemble throughout their long set.  The Walkmen may have been the openers, but they were all they show I needed.