Saint Motel @ Velvet Jones ~ July 9, 2011

We'll Leave the Light On...

With a name like Saint Motel, it’s easy to not know what genre of music this band will unleash. But the indie power pop group from LA provided the intimate crowd at Velvet Jones Saturday night with a delicious taste of a new emerging LA sound.

Saint Motel is a handsome four piece band that creates a bouncy sound infused with heavy guitar riffs and a wash of electronics. They performed songs off their debut album “ForePlay.” Offering tastes of classic heavy rock influenced songs like “Do Everything Now,” moving into a very be-bop-y “Butch” reminiscent of a fifties styled swing song.

AJ, Aaron, Dak, and Greg play live with a feverish theatrical flair that offers both visual and sonic entertainment. AJ has an expansive vocal range with a very expressive crooner-like flavor, while Aaron dishes out a unique sonic tone made up of high pitched fast notes.

The sound created is very upbeat and off centered and easy to relate to. The melodies are catchy, easily blending classic rock and new indie pop. It’s easy to see that we can expect good things from these boys in the future.