Manchester Orchestra @ The Music Box At The Fonda ~ June 2, 2011

Lost in The Music

I just got turned onto Manchester Orchestra and immediately became obsessed. Their latest LP, Simple Math, is a concept album that is definitely more mature than their earlier two, utilizing a children's choir and a 12 piece orchestra, but all three albums are golden

So as a new found MO junkie, I went into the show super stoked and not wanting to come off my high. They left me even higher.

Opening with "Simple Math," a bold move, MO exploded on stage. They moved immediately into "Everything To Nothing" from their second LP. I remember thinking, as they went seamlessly from one engrossing song to the next, that I wanted to memorize the entire set list... But I got lost in the music.

They hit the crowd mid-set with what Andy Hull (the lead singer) called their "one-two punch" which consisted of an insanely sped up version of "I've Got Friends" followed immediately by an intense rendering of "Shake It Out." The musicianship was amazing; the sound was full and heavy. The theater felt intimate, the crowd sung out the lyrics to every song with earnest, and there was pure rapture in the air. So engrossed was I in the music that I noticed when Andy messed up the lyrics to "The River" and cared - a lot. Then the crowd followed by messing up the lyrics to "Only One" - I cared there too.

With little talk in between songs, and coming at the crowd with one hit after another, Manchester Orchestra fully bombarded my musically palate, leaving me completely satiated.

Set List

Photo by P.Viani