Frank Turner @ Velvet Jones ~ May 6, 2011

Home is Where The Heart Is

It is wrong for a punk rock venue to feel like home? Nah....

A Frank Turner show at Velvet Jones is like homecoming; everyone comes out to the big what to do and expects to have a good time. Expectations were met this last Friday night.

Here's a little background, as I know it: Craig, the handsome owner of VJ, drove the tour bus for
Frank Turner's band on their recent tour with Social Distortion and Lucero. They were friends before, now they are family.

Along with Frank, Dave Haus (frontman of the punk band The Loved Ones) played acoustics sets for a full house of adoring friends, family, and fans. Dave sang his little heart out playing his solo stuff, some Loved Ones hits, as well as a Hot Water Music cover or two. Dave rallied the crowd, calmed the drunks (there were a lot of 'em), then handed them all off to Frank.

Frank quietly took to the stage and just started playing. No pomp or circumstances, he was just there, alone but his guitar. Familiar with a few songs, but not a die hard fan, Frank was able to bring me into each of his songs. His folk punk rock style begged to be sung along to, so I did so - as did the rest of Velvet Jones. The songs were heartfelt and honest, their truth resonating trough the crowd. Except for the cover of Abba's "Dancing Queen," which oddly enough even my most musically knowledgeable friend didn't recognize. Hmm.

Unfortunately, the fun came to an end, and Frank is now headed back home himself. I'm grateful I got a chance to experience an intimate show before this rocker makes it big - and he will.