SHE WANTS REVENGE @ SOhO ~ April 1, 2011

Dark Wave

Dark, moody, and sultry. Add in a little synthesizers, and you've got yourself She Wants Revenge.

A synth-dance-rock throw back to the likes of Depeche Mode and Joy Division, She Wants Revenge is known for their moody dance tunes and dark lyrics. Playing to an intimate crowd at SOhO (which included Martin Gore of DM), they weaved their web of lust amongst the audience and lured us willingly over to the dark side.

Setting the tone of the evening with "Take The World" lamenting "Is this the life / the one you imagined / Is this the life / the one from your dreams," SWR continued to lead the crowd through an introspection of the darker side of one's psyche, masterfully mixing songs from their previous two albums with ones off their newest CD "Valleyheart " (due out in May).

The songs were dark, guttural, and just plain sexy. Justin Warfield's theatrical interpretation of the lyrics enhanced the dark mood of the songs, while Adam 12's sullen stare made you wonder if he knew what you've done in your darkest moments. SWR wound up the set with "Tear You Apart" - pulling the last dark confession of the evening out of the crowd. It was a moment.