Mumford & Sons @ SB Bowl ~ April 18, 2011

For the Love of Music

Nobody loves music as much as the boys of Mumford & Sons. They proved that Monday night at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Playing to a packed house and coming off playing Coachella the night before, Mumford & Sons rallied a near two hour long set, “This is the longest set we’ve ever played in front of the most people
...” (true quote).

The boys, Marcus Mumford, Ben (keyboards), Winston (banjo), and Ted (string bass), proved to be multi-talented musicians, all performing vocals and trading off instruments, including drum duty, throughout the long ass set. Marcus seemed a bit tired in comparison to the energy of the rest of the boys, but never stopped the party. Ben even exclaimed that he wanted the party to go on all night. And so did I!

M&S mixed a lot of new songs with their now platinum hits, figuring they needed more material to accommodate the long set time. The new material is indicative of a true evolution of the band in the right direction – sounding a bit more mature and more rocking – if not a bit more like Genesis meets folk rock.

The Bowl was off their feet dancing and singing along while M&S showed no mercy with their bombardment of musical talent for a solid hour and forty three minutes. If you love music and missed this show – I am truly sorry. Or at least you are.