Jenny & Johnny @ SOhO ~ April 11, 2011

Hipster’s Paradise

The buzz around Jenny & Johnny is loud right now, and Santa Barbara’s music elite was out in full effect ready to listen. And the elite at SOhO Monday night was an eclectic mix, but one term could define them all – hipsters.

Playing to a sold out crowd, LA natives Jenny & Johnny held nothing back, not that there was anything to hold back. The music was generic rock on the folk edge with interesting lyrics and compelling vocals, but not very original. One song lead into another, sounding pretty much the same but with different lyrics. The tempo was basic, the melodies (or lack thereof) predictable, and all a little boring. It felt somewhat like a music recital - well rehearsed but a little painful.

It appears the buzz about J&J is more interesting than the actual band itself. And apparently I am not a hipster.