Young the Giant @ Velvet Jones ~ February 24, 2011

On the radar.

Hipster bands always have the best looking crowd. Where did these young people come from? Where do they hide in Santa Barbara when the cool bands aren't playing at Velvet Jones? Curious.

But that is neither here nor there. The point is that a good size (and looking) crowd made it out to see Young The Giant, a talented young indie band from Irvine. Using light island-like guitar riffs, an upbeat tempo, and a crooner singing style, Young The Giant blended many genres to create a new sound. The five piece band created romantic, danceable, poignant noise with alluring melodies and catchy hooks. The lead singer alternated between two mics during the live performance - one was basic, the other was an old school crooner microphone (an actual type - I googled it). It looked effortless and easy, as did the talent exuded by the other band members. Unfortunately it was a very short set, only thirty minutes. But they do only have the one album, and it was a school night for most of the audience anyways.

Definitely a band to keep on the radar.