The Silent Comedy with Verna Beware @ Muddy Waters ~ Feb. 9, 2011

Can I get a witness? Amen! Tonight's show at Muddy Water's was a true journey from sinner to saint that brought down the church walls.

Locals Verna Beware opened the show with their hard psychedelic rock and provocative ways. Imagine for a moment that The Doors and Led Zeppelin mated (sexy) and had an offspring in the year 2011 - that offspring would be Verna Beware. Lead by frontman Kyran Mill with an impressively powerful vocal range and stamina, VB takes you through a masterful series of epic songs that draw you out of your body while keeping you confined in your head, or is it vice versa (I said it was psychedelic - for me anyway). The songs were long and purposeful and executed with seductive artistry.

Then came salvation. The Silent Comedy brought in the ministry hard. Looking very vaudeville with black suits, short hats, and long mustaches, the band of five played energetic folk hard rock utilizing piano, harmonica, and banjo, complete with lyrics of church, amens, and hallelujahs. Each member took turn in the spot light and you could feel the camaraderie, especially during "Gasoline," dedicated to a member's grandfather who had just passed and sang with an emotional pitch. The music was so infused with life it moved you to groove. And they grooved right along with the crowd, ending by joining the us on the dance floor, on the dance stage, on the amp speaker, and on the bar to dance the last song with us at a feverish pace. Hallelujah.