Grace Potter & The Nocturnals @ SOhO ~ Feb. 1, 2011

Damn. You want sexy? I'll give you sexy - in the form of the reformed Grace Potter.

Starting the set hard with some throwback sexy seventy styled rock, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals instantly mesmerized the crowd that had completely filled the dance floor. With a voice born for rock and roll, Grace encapsulated the sultry songstress she has become of late. And backed by a band that literally looked and played like they had been transported through time from the grips of a 70's power rock group, the audience was enraptured.

Trying to put words to Grace's performance tonight is like trying to explain sex to a virgin - nearly impossible. Using her raspy voice and vocal range, Grace reached a near orgasmic climax with her band in tow (actually happened). Grace was gracious with her introductions of the band throughout the set - as she should be, the band was a powerhouse of talent. They performed covers of Wilco and Jefferson Airplane in a mix of original jams which blended into a remix of Rhianna's "Milkshake" at one point, then went into a blues infused jam session. An eclectic mix that sounded like a natural rock 'n roll remedy, as Grace lamented, "..the medicine that everybody wants."

Definitely a band to keep on the radar.