Jenny Schlax's 2010 List of: Best Live Music Shows

I love lists! So of course I love the end of the year where you make a list of all the things you liked that happened that year. I got the idea for this list from a friend, rather I stole this idea from a friend... But, I do go to a lot of shows. Love it. In 2010 I tried to see more new, upcoming music to avoid the disappointment I sometimes get from seeing larger established bands. Also, fans of the bigger bands can suck. The beginning of the year was slow for seeing music, I blame a big move (or two) and travel for work during the early spring. But music really took off for me towards the end of summer. I listed all the shows I saw (that I could remember), but my favorites are in bold. I had a hard time limiting it to 10, so I added stars next to other good shows too. The Bouncing Souls were the very very best of the year for me. I am staying positive, so I won't rank the disappointments (TOOL).

G Love - 2/14 SLO Brew Co

Tommy & the High Pilots - 3/26 Velvet Jones

Cat OK - 3/30 Muddy Waters

FAR - 5/19 Velvet Jones

*Har Mar Superstar - 5/21 SOhO

Imogen Heap - 6/21 Granada

*Joey Cape, Bad Astronaut - 7/8 Velvet Jones

Wil Ridge, Chris Shifflet & the Dead Peasants- 7/13 Velvet Jones

Tool - 7/19 Staples Center

*Pinback - 7/24 El Rey

Primus, Wolfmother - 8/15 SB Bowl

Hold Steady - 8/27 Velvet Jones

Fitz & the Tantrums - 9/16 SOhO

Japandroids - 9/20 Muddy Watters

Epicenter Festival (Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, Rise Against, Against Me!, Blink 182) - 9/26 Fontana Speedway

Chuck Regan - 10/9 Velvet Jones

Street Dogs - 10/11 Velvet Jones

Vs the World - 10/15 Velvet Jones

Mumford & Sons - 10/18 Paladium

White Rabbits - 10/20 SOhO

Stomprocket, Retrodemon - 10/29 Whiskey Richards

NNSB, Murderland - 11/4 Whiskey

NNSB, Souls of Mischief - 11/4 Velvet Jones

NNSB, DJ Peanut Butter - 11/5 Canary Rooftop

NNSB, Old Man Markley - 11/5 Velvet Jones

NNSB, Wil Ridge - 11/5 SOhO

NNSB, Dead Country, Voxhaul Broadcast - 11/5 Whiskey Richards

NNSB, Sunshine Brothers - 11/6 Velvet Jones

NNSB, Verna Beware - 11/6 Whiskey Richards

NNSB, He's My Brother, She's My Sister; Saint Motel - 11/6 SOhO

Cold War Kids - 11/9 SOhO

Alkaline Trio - 11/14 SLO Brew Co

**Bouncing Souls, Adolescents - 11/20 HOB Anaheim

Ozomatli - 12/2 SOhO

DJ Martin Gore - 12/3 the old Nu

The Tridents - 12/3 SOhO

Tokyo Police Club - 12/10 Velvet Jones

Billy Idol - 12/18 Ventura Majestic

*Tommy & the High Pilots - 12/22 SOhO

Animal Liberation Orchestra - 12/30 SOhO

Happy New Year & love to all!