Pinback @ Velvet Jones ~ Jan. 2, 2011

Damn, I love a good rock show. And Pinback delivered.

The self-proclaimed "alternative indie rock band" managed to pack Velvet Jones, despite it being a rainy Sunday night following the big New Year's weekend. The crowd was one of the best looking hipster crowds I have seen in the club, and as chatty as expected. Despite the babbling of the crowd, and the "American football game on the tele" (their quote although Pinback is from San Diego), the show pretty much rocked. Rob, the larger bearded singer, pounded beer after beer and struggled with technical difficulties (unrelated to the 8 New Castles he put back on stage) while Zac chuckled and continued onward. The highlight for me was "Good to Sea" segueing directly into "Fortress" effortlessly. Then, to boot, Rob strummed his guitar with his mouth during the intro to "Boo", the first of three encore songs, ending their set with some old school Pinback. Well Done.